Never hosted a dinner party?


Lather Up

Don't have time to plan?

Looking for new ways to connect with friends?

Let us help!

Soiree Crate

dinner party plans


Hosting dinner parties made simple



In Every Soirée Crate

Handmade Invitations


paper invitations, envelopes and postage stamps included in each crate, helping you set the tone and theme for your dinner party

Custom Dinner Menu

Each menu item is a "company worthy" dish. Every recipe we share has been taste-tested (repeatedly!) by willing family and friends


Grocery List

We group and list all every ingredient you need to shop for to prepare an

amazing meal.



Soirée Schedule

Helpful timeline shares when to shop, clean, prep food, decorate, and cook so you can actually enjoy the dinner party

Conversation Starters

Conversion starters that celebrate the dinner party theme are included in every crate to ward off awkward silences and curb 'shop talk' 


Get to know Soirée Crate behind the scenes  - check out which recipes we're testing, get insight on new crates we're imagining, and see how our pilot dinner parties turned out!

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