How It Works

Every Soirée Crate we create starts with a simple question...

What type of party do we want to attend?

then we

Dream It

When thinking up ideas for our next soirée, we find inspiration everywhere: family meals, traditions, friends, incredible dining experiences out, recent trips, wines or beers we've discovered, songs, movies, books, games, comics, sports, TV shows, magazines, holidays, life events, culinary trends - you name it!


Design It

We start each crate by setting the theme and building the menu. We sort through all of our "company worthy" recipes and create a delectable menu that flows from appetizer to dessert while supporting the party's unique theme.


We prepare and taste-test every recipe before adding it to a menu, revamping as needed, until we’re satisfied the recipe is easy to follow and consistently produces tasty results. This usually take a few tries. Oh, the sacrifices we make!

Once the food is figured out, we design a pilot crate with invitations, recipes, menu cards, a shopping list, initial Party Planning Timeline, and a social game or activity. Then, we test it all by hosting the soirée.

Host It

We follow the initial Party Planning Timeline meticulously, checking each step and taking notes on things to improve. During the soirée, we ask our guests to fill out score cards so they can give us honest feedback about the dinner party theme, food, drinks and activity. After the party, we update all crate materials with everything we've learned to help make your soirée a success.


When your Soirée Crate arrives, you can feel confident you have all the tools and guidance needed to host a fabulous dinner party.

It's time to celebrate! 


Get to know Soirée Crate behind the scenes  - check out which recipes we're testing, get insight on new crates we're imagining, and see how our pilot dinner parties turned out!

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