Our Story

What started as a hobby - hosting dinner parties - has become our business passion

We’ve been hosting dinner parties for friends and family for more than 20 years and every time we throw a soirée, we hear a lot of the same comments...

Everything is

so delicious!

I wish I had more

time to host

dinner parties

You should

start a business

Can you come over and 

host a party for me?

It got us thinking...

Can I have

that recipe?

Let's create a kit

that makes hosting dinner parties easier!

No doubt the hardest part of throwing a dinner party is the planning.

Knowing what to serve, how much and what to buy, when to prepare and cook the food, and how to keep the conversation flowing can feel like a monumental task.

For us, planning is part of the fun of hosting! We love dreaming up party ideas, creating a menu, experimenting in the kitchen and working as a team to pull off a great meal.  

Through Soirée Crate, we’re able to share our party successes with you

to help you pull off a successful dinner party.

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About Us

Hi there! We’re Shannon and Mike, owners of Soirée Crate.


We're excited share what we've learned hosting parties over the years and we can't wait to hear your feedback on soirées you've hosted.

Cheers to a successful event!


Get to know Soirée Crate behind the scenes  - check out which recipes we're testing, get insight on new crates we're imagining, and see how our pilot dinner parties turned out!

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