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Elegant Gore Halloween Dinner Party Decoration Ideas

This year's Halloween dinner party theme is elegant gore. I think we can pull off the theme with just a few key purchases -

Now that Mike and I have started working on the menu for this year's Halloween Dinner Party, it's time to start shopping for party decor!

I seriously need to exercise some restraint this year - if money and storage space weren't an issue, I would happily purchase all types of goodies: new tablescape items, dishes, flatware, stemware, serving platters, wall decor, knick-knacks and more! But, I don't have unlimited funds or space, so I have to be prudent with any purchases.

Tablescape Decor

A tablescape is a work of art. It's an intentional mini-landscape of carefully curated objects deliberately arranged on a dining surface to create a mood and setting that reinforces the party theme. Your tablescape decor doesn't have to be grandiose - a few carefully selected items can make a huge impact.

A styled dining table is a welcoming gesture to dinner party guests, it invites them to pull up a chair and engage in the evening's theme. Taking the time to design your tablescape will help guests feel like they're in for a treat and part a special evening.

The secret to a successful tablescape is using your imagination. Try a few different things - don't be afraid to experiment with textures, colors and decor to create an enticing scene that highlights the dinner party theme. Your unique view is the secret sauce - no one else thinks the way you do or creates the way you do. Add in your personal touches.

For me, the easiest place to start when designing a tablescape is the individual place settings.


For this year's elegant gore Halloween dinner party theme, I started designing the tablescape with plain black placemats. I'm a little surprised I don't already own a set of these. Not only will simple black placemats work perfectly for this year's Halloween dinner party, they can be used again and again for future dinner parties.

I found a set of six 15" round black woven placemats for $20.99 on Amazon. I own similar placemats in different colors and I love how easy they are to clean. Simply wipe the placemat with a damp cloth and they're like new again!

Dinner Napkins

Now for the dinner napkins. To help communicate a theme of elegant gore, I decided to go with a skeleton motif. Skeletons represent the finality of death and their form is gracefully concise with simple lines - perfect for an elegant gore themed dinner party.

After searching all corners of the web for skeleton-themed dinner napkins, I found what I was looking for on Amazon. Of course.

I purchased a set of six 20x20 cotton cloth skeleton napkins for $17.99 on Amazon.

Table Runner

My next purchase for the tablescape was a beaded skull table runner from Pier1.

It took me a few days to finally make the purchase. I wasn't entirely sold on spending $59.99 for a single item that's so specific to an event. I mean, really, how many different occasions can I use a beaded skull table runner?

Nevertheless, the item's impracticality couldn't stop me from thinking about it. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't find anything else that I likes as much as the Beaded Glitz Skull Halloween Table runner.

Thankfully, Pier 1 was having a sale and I found coupon - I was able to purchase the table runner for $44.00 and I am so happy I did! The beading work is stunning! It's intricate and elegant and worth every penny.

Cheese Spreaders

Okay, so, I was planning on spending $60.00 on the table runner and I got it on sale for $44.00, which means I had an "extra" $16.00 to spend and it just so happens I found this Skull Spreader Set at Pier1 for a mere $10.49! That's $5.51 below budget so I'm actually saving money buy purchasing these!

Ha! Please tell me I'm not the only person who justifies spending money this way.

These stainless steel skull head cheese spreaders are a tad bigger than I expected, but they appear to be well-made and they will look super cute on the Charcuterie Board.

Appetizer and Dessert Plates

It took me a while to find plates suitable for an adult Halloween dinner party. Most of the plates I found were paper or astronomically expensive, or out of stock. I finally found a set of reasonably priced plates from Amazon. Where else? I got the four-piece set of Vintage Halloween Mini Ceramic Plates for the bargain price of $14.09 on Amazon.

I purchased two sets - one set to be used for appetizers and the other set will be used as part of the place setting, and perhaps as a dessert plate.

Wine Glasses

These stemless skeleton wine glasses from Pottery Barn embody everything I was looking for in elegant gore decor.

They're graceful, creepy, and refined. We're serving red wine with dinner, which will look exquisite - and a little creepy - in these glasses.

They were a tad pricey at $24.50 each, but the glasses are a high-quality product that fits the dinner party theme perfectly, and I think they're going to be a blast to drink from. I can't wait to use them!

Party Decor Cost

Here's what I've spent on decor for our elegant gore Halloween Dinner Party (so far):

  • Placemats: $20.99

  • Napkins: $17.99

  • Table Runner: $44.00

  • Cheese Spreader: $10.49

  • Plates: $28.18 (2 sets at $14.09 a set)

  • Wine Glasses: $98.00 (4 glasses at $24.50 each)

Grand Total: $219.65

If I hadn't purchased the skeleton wine glasses and only bought one set of the dishes, I would have come in around $108.00, which is a pretty good. BUT, I don't regret getting the glasses, or the extra set of dishes - both will help make this year's Halloween dinner party a success!

Stay tuned for more updates as we plan and prepare for the soirée!


- Shannon


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